Terms and Conditions


For purposes herein, the following expressions will have the meaning attached below:

“The Regulations” – “these regulations as specified below and amended from time to time according to need and/or at Joséphine rêve ‘s discretion (hereinafter: “the brand”).

“The Brand” and/or “ Joséphine rêve PC 301742235

“The Site Administrators” – those appointed by the brand to manage the site

“The Site” – the brand’s website at https://www.JosephineReve.com

Terms of Use” – as specified in these regulations and legal provisions

“Privacy Policy” – as attached and constituting an inseparable part of these regulations


Dear web-surfer, please read carefully the site’s Regulations for Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before surfing and using it – their purpose is to explain the terms of use and policy of the site, including the way site operators use and collect data.

By virtue of surfing on the site, or using it, the user confirms having read and understood the terms of use and privacy policy and accepts them without condition or reservation, and it is hereby clarified that these will apply to him and oblige him. If the surfer is unwilling for the terms of use and privacy policy to apply to him, he is deemed not eligible to surf and/or use the site.

The website administrators may modify or update the regulations from time to time, at their sole discretion and without prior notice.

Everything appearing on the site and in these regulations relates to women and men equally, and the use of the masculine form is for convenience’s sake only.

Whenever the term “site administrators” or ” Joséphine rêve ” appear, the intended reference is also to the ‘brand”.

Website and Its Use

The brand is the sole owner of the contents appearing on the website.

The right to use the site address is reserved for Joséphine rêve alone.

The website terms of use below define, among other things, the manner of using the site and set forth the manner of ordering products.

The website user/customer is anyone making use of the website functions, whether directly or indirectly, including purchasing, visiting, surfing and/or any other use of the site, be it on a computer, mobile device or any other means (hereinafter: “user”).

This website is owned and managed by the brand. The site is designed to present the brand’s activity, objectives, goals, buying and purchasing on it as far as possible according to the brand’s decisions. Any use made of the website by the surfer constitutes his consent to act subject to these regulations and according to them. Furthermore, the website serves as a communication platform and online messaging means on behalf of the brand.

Sale of products is not designated for wholesale or resale (i.e., buying products from the site in order to sell them to third parties).

All users hereby declare, consent and undertake to fulfill all of the following terms and conditions:

Not to transfer, collect or make use of online content or information, whether said infomration belongs to the brand or to a third party.

Not to use the site for any purpose that is unlawful, damaging, disturbs, disrupts, changes, destroys, damages, restricts, harms, or influences the site’s normal operation in any other way, including and without restriction: computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, espionage software, malware or any other destructive or disruptive means or technology.

The user may use the website services solely for lawful purposes according to all legal provisions, in accordance with the terms of the regulations, in good faith, for his personal use and for no other purpose.

Products Offered on the Site and their Prices

The images displayed on the site are for illustration purposes only and there may be differences between the product’s appearance and specifications displayed in the picture and the actual products. It is hereby agreed and clarified that the brand will do its utmost to present the most accurate images and information possible.

An online sale relies upon the inventory that exists in the brand’s warehouse. The brand is not obliged to keep an inventory of all products whose images are displayed online at any given time.

All prices of products displayed online are conveyed in NIS (New Israeli Shekel). Prices include VAT, if required by law, and do not include shipment fees.

The brand may update and modify prices without prior notice and at its sole discretion. The obliging price is the price conveyed to the customer upon completion of the ordering process.

The brand may advertise and/or offer website users promotions and/or discounts and any other benefit at terms determined by it and at its sole discretion. The brand may discontinue any benefit and/or promotion and/or campaign at its sole discretion, immediately and without prior notice.

Items sold online do not grant double discounts/benefits (unless otherwise noted). Coupons and/or alternating promotions are those specified on the coupon or promotion.

Logging onto the Site and Making a Purchase

Active use of the website as specified above necessitates logging in, which requires entering personal details and contact means, including first name, last name, mobile phone number, e-mail address, and postal address.

Registering on the site constitutes full consent to these regulations, privacy policy and other surfing conditions set within it.

Registering on the site constitutes absolute and full consent to receiving information, including advertising and marketing information, according to all legal provisions. It is hereby clarified that registering on the site constitutes consent for the brand’s contacting the customer for any purpose, including survey-questionnaires, invitations to events, marketing campaigns and any other aspect of the brand’s operations, as well as consent to receive any material relating to the brand’s ongoing activity.

The brand will bear no responsibility for any unlawful actions taken by website users or on behalf of any other party that is not under its exclusive control.

When making an online purchase the user will be required to enter personal details and details of payment, including: first name, last name, mobile phone number, e-mail address, full mailing address for shipping the products, credit card details (including card holder’s full name and ID) and/or coupon details.

The user hereby undertakes to provide his – and only his – personal details alone and that the details provided are correct, updated, full and accurate, and declares that the provision of personal details during the order is done at his volition and consent.

For clarification’s sake, in the framework of the ordering process and delivery to the user, the user’s availability by phone and/or text messages is required, and should it be impossible to contact the customer due to non-availability on the phone resulting in prevention of completion of the order and shipment, the user shall have no claims and/or demands towards Joséphine rêve in case of not receiving information by phone/text message for the above reasons. Should the details provided be incorrect, partial or inaccurate, Joséphine rêve will not be able to ensure execution of the order and/or supply of products to the user on schedule.

The user declares and confirms that he is aware that giving false details and/or details that are not his may constitute a criminal offence, and in the case of giving false details, civil and criminal legal steps may be taken, including lawsuits for damages incurred by Joséphine rêve.

One should note that the user may register for the site only once, by creating a single account. The brand reserves the right to remove multiple accounts held by a single user.

Executing the online transaction using a credit card and/or PayPal account constitutes the user’s declaration that the credit card and/or PayPal account used to execute the transaction is owned by him or by the corporation on whose behalf he is making the transaction, that the card is valid and he is entitled to perform the transaction at the allocated sum by all legal provisions and/or by agreement.

Execution of purchase on the site will be made possible subject to fulfillment of the cumulative terms specified below. The brand reserves the right to cancel the transaction if any of the following threshold conditions is not fulfilled:

*          The user is an adult (18 years and over). In case of a minor user (under 18) or a person not eligible to carry out legal actions without permission from his guardian or for any other reason (together hereinafter for purposes herein: “the minor”), the user must inform his guardian and/or parents (together hereafter for purposes herein “supervisors”). The supervisor is responsible for informing the website user about the terms of use. Any action taken by a minor website user will be regarded as being performed with his supervisor’s consent to the terms of the regulations.

*          A user with a valid Israeli and/or international credit card issued by one of the recognized credit card companies and the credit company approves the transaction and/or owns an active PayPal account.

*          The user is a private individual, and the purchase is carried out for personal purposes only. Purchase for resale or wholesale will not be permitted.

*          The requested products are available in the brand’s inventory.

In order to execute the purchase, after providing the personal details specified above, the user will be required to confirm execution of his order (hereinafter: “order”).

Payment for purchase on the website will be carried out solely via credit card (Israeli and/or international only) or via an active PayPal account.

Only following confirmation of the transaction by the credit card company and/or the PayPal site, will the website receive confirmation and the transaction be completed.

Use and receipt of confirmation are subject to the credit card company’s and/or PayPal’s terms of use and privacy policy.

From the time the order is executed on the site (even if the transaction was not completed for some reason) Joséphine rêve may send the user updates by e-mail and or-text messages, regarding the situation or status of the order execution.

The brand may send to the person who placed the order and/or user notifications by any means, including e-mail and/or text messages, as part of the website operation and/or as part of the site-user service provision, such as sending detail verification messages, order completion reminders etc. and this will not constitute a commercial “advertising message”. The user hereby approves sending said messages by the brand.

It is hereby clarified that the brand’s website services and/or regulations will not be considered an irretractable offer for the sale of products. The user’s order will be considered a proposal, and acceptance will only be made upon the actual delivery.

Selling on the site is done while supply lasts. If after the user orders a product online it turns out that the product is no longer available due to circumstances unknown at the time the order was made, Joséphine rêve will notify the user and offer a replacement product, or alternatively, cancel the product order and credit the customer with the cost of the cancelled product as it was calculated in the order.

In case of special offers and advertising the “special offer regulations and/or terms” for the sale, the instructions of the regulations herein (including privacy policy and all other surfing terms relating to the site) will apply, with any necessary modifications. In any case of contradiction between the provisions herein (Including privacy policy and all other surfing terms that appear on the site) and the “special offer regulations and/or terms”, the provisions of the “special offer regulations and/or terms” advertised on the site will take precedence.

Confidentiality of User Details

The brand and/or website administrators will not transfer the details of users registered on the site to external parties, except if required to do so due to a legal cause and/or regulations and/or in one of the following cases:

*          A breach of one of the provisions of these regulations and/or a breach of an expressed instruction given by the brand.

*          An explicit directive by the police of a court order instructing the brand to provide information about the user.

*          An explicit decision by the brand on the matter.

*          Should the website or brand integrate and/or merge with another website or party.

*          Should a legal dispute arise between the user and the brand that is brought before a third party.

*          Due to the site’s operation, which necessitates transferring information about its users in a secured manner.

Delivery of Products

Shipment to the customer’s address will be made subject to payment of the shipping fees specified on the site (hereinafter: “shipping fees”). The shipping fees will be added to the item prices as specified on the website.

Payment for shipment will be added to the total payment for the ordered products and may not be cancelled for any reason unless the transaction is cancelled in accordance with the legal provisions.

Joséphine rêve will do its utmost to supply the items to all towns in Israel. Joséphine rêve is not obliged to supply items to areas with restricted access for security or any other reasons.

Shipping fees are:

A purchase under 279 NIS  – 27 NIS 

A purchase over 279 NIS – free of charge

The brand may update shipping rates from time to time without prior notice.

Supply times to which the brand and/or suppliers are committed are stated at the time the products are ordered on the “checkout” page, entitled “shipment options” (hereinafter: “supply date”). Supply dates will be calculated in business days, i.e., Sundays-Thursdays, except Fridays, Saturdays, holiday eves and holidays (except in cases in which delivery on these days was coordinated in advance with the brand).

Upon completing the order details, the person executing the action must select the product shipment option specified in the product page. Product supply times will be determined according to the choice of the person executing the action and according to his chosen method of product shipment.

The brand and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or suppliers and/or anyone acting on their behalf will not be liable for delays in delivery of the product(s) due to events not under their control, e.g. customer providing incorrect details, strikes or work-stoppages, computer system or e-mail service malfunctions, hostile actions and/or force majeure (war, earthquake, weather, lockdown due to a pandemic, or any other reason), incidents that undermine completion of the purchase process and/or fulfilling supply schedules. In these cases, the brand may issue a notification of cancellation of the purchase, all or part thereof, and may cancel debit for the transaction.

Products supplied by the Israel Postal Company (IPC) will be sent subject to its supply times and subject to the quality and terms of service of IPC. It is hereby emphasized that supply times of products not supplied by couriers cannot be monitored by the brand and/or suppliers and are not under their control. The executor of the action hereby declares that he will have no claim against the brand and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or suppliers and/or their agents due to disruption of supply not made by couriers.

Supply of products by couriers will be carried out according to the supply terms of the brand’s and/or suppliers’ delivery company and subject to the supplier’s list of towns to which delivery is made to the shipping address, except unusual cases specified in the shipment terms. Should the delivery company be unable to carry out delivery to the shipping address for any reason, including weather conditions and/or a security situation and/or pandemic and/or any other reason that may endanger the courier’s life, the product(s) will be delivered by the Israel Postal Company. It should be noted that insofar as cancellation of shipment is concerned, due to the aforementioned conditions, the customer will not be able to appeal the brand’s decision, and shipment will be made at the decision of the brand.

In case of an irregular shipment, at the suppliers’ or their agents’ sole discretion (e.g. shipment that cannot be made by stairs or elevator, shipment that requires special devices, or shipment to high places), the entire cost of shipment will be incurred in full by the customer.

For delivery of the ordered products to the customer at his home or other address, the delivery company representative will contact the customer (by phone call or text message) to coordinate delivery. Delivery of products on time depends, among other things, on the customer’s availability for coordinating their reception with said agent.

Delay in supply of a product due to the customer’s unavailability will not be considered delay in delivery by Joséphine rêve and will not entitle the customer to compensation of any kind.

Transaction Cancellation by Website User

The user may cancel the transaction according and subject to provisions of the Consumer Protection Act – 1981 (hereinafter: “Consumer Protection Act”) including regulations deriving from it.

The user may cancel the transaction and receive a refund from the date on which the transaction was made and up to 14 days after receiving the order, or the date on which the transaction detail document is received as required by law, the later of the two.

According to the Consumer Protection Act, the customer may cancel a transaction in one of the following ways:

*          By phone – to the Customer Service department at: +972-543-583-899

*          By e-mail: info@JosephineReve.com

*          By mail addressed to: 30 Herzl St., Rishon Lezion, POB 15476, Israel

The cancellation notice must clearly specify the customer’s name, ID number, order details and contact information.

In case a transaction is cancelled as specified above, the brand, within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice, will return the part of the transaction price that was paid by the customer. The brand will cancel the debit for the transaction, will send a copy of the debit cancellation notice after deduction of cancellation fees totaling 5% of the product price or NIS 100, the lower of the two. If the customer has paid shipping fees, this sum will not be refunded upon cancellation of the order. The product will be returned at the customer’s expense.

An order cancelled before the products are shipped to the customer will not carry cancellation fees. Cancelling the order after the products are sent will carry cancellation fees totaling 5% of the product price or NIS 100, the lower of the two. The money will be refunded according to provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

The brand is not liable for use made contrary to the manufacturer’s and/or brand’s instructions, including laundry instructions and/or any other instruction relating to use of the products.

The user must check the product immediately upon receiving it and notify the brand if the product received is faulty or substantially different from what is displayed on the website.

In some cases, hues may vary between images of products displayed on the site and the exact hues of the products actually supplied. Unsubstantial difference in the product hue will not constitute a cause for returning it due to being “substantially different from its appearance on the site”.

The user must check the item(s) immediately upon receiving delivery. In case a particular item was delivered to the user with defects, or the actual item specifications differ from the specifications displayed on the site, the user must inform the brand immediately and will accordingly be entitled to a refund for the product within 14 days of the notification date.

Cancellation under these circumstances will not entail cancellation fees, the user’s money will be refunded within 14 days from reception of the cancellation notice, and the product will be returned to Joséphine rêve at its expense.

The product will be returned in its original packaging and without having been used, to the extent that this is possible.

Joséphine rêve reserves the right to sue the user due to a decrease in the value of the product.

In any case, Joséphine rêve may, at its discretion and by legal provisions, collect cancellation fees totaling no more than 5% of the product’s price or NIS 100, the lower of the two (except in cases in which the transaction is cancelled due to a defect or unsuitability).

Transaction Cancelled by the Brand or the Website

Joséphine rêve may cancel a transaction or sale, all or part thereof, at its sole discretion, including the following cases:

*          If any clause in these regulations or terms of use of the site has been breached (including privacy policy and any other surfing terms appearing on the site).

*          Should the brand discover that incorrect details were uploaded when registering on the site and/or carrying out an order.

*          Should the brand discover that a misdeed or omission has been made that may damage the website and/or any third parties, including customers, brand employees and suppliers, and/or the site.

*          In case of an error on the site, whether in the price of the product displayed on the site or the description of the product on the site and/or if any mistake occurs, including a printed error and/or communication failure and/or any other technical fault that changed the value and/or price of the product and/or the product’s description and/or relating to shipment of the product.

*          In case of prevention and/or delay in delivery due to force majeure, e.g., without detracting from the generality of the above, an act of war, hostility, terror, cyber sabotage, intended or unintended malfunction in the online store, strikes and work stoppages, unusual events of nature, pandemic, credit card clearance errors or any other cause that is not due to the brand’s action or fault.

*          In case the brand is unable to make contact with the person who ordered the product due to invalid or incorrect contact details required for delivery of the product.

*          In case of suspicion that the purchase was carried out as wholesale purchase and/or for resale by the buyer or anyone acting on his behalf.

*          In case the brand suspects that the remuneration for the purchase was not received and/or the customer’s credit card has been blocked and/or restricted for use in some way.

Notice of cancellation of the sale will be conveyed to the customer by phone and/or in writing to the address noted by the customer when carrying out the transaction and/or registering on the website. In said case, the transaction will be cancelled and Joséphine rêve will not refund any sum paid by the customer for the product, if any. The customer will have no claim demand and/or complaint of any type or kind, towards Joséphine rêve for cancellation of the transaction as specified in this clause.

Gift Card

Gift Card vouchers may be purchased in sums specified on the site. When making said purchase, club benefits may not be used (e.g., mother’s or child’s birthday benefit etc.).

Gift Card vouchers will be sent to their address using the delivery company (according to the delivery regulations) or by an email code that may only be utilized on the Joséphine rêve site, at the customer’s discretion.

Gift Cards may not be purchased with coupons.

Responsibility and Information

It is hereby noted that any user and/or surfer on the website bears sole responsibility for any advertising and/or use and/or service it uploads onto the site. The brand will not be liable for anything posted by members and/or surfers who wish to publish and/or upload a comment in the response forum and/or comments to posts, either on the brand’s website and/or on social media sites linked to the brand’s and/or the website’s operations.

Information Security

The site administrators will take action to secure personal information held by them, at the security level required by law, or beyond it. However, it is hereby noted that the site and/or brand administrators are not responsible for any information sent by the site and are not liable for any damage and/or violation in case of an information security malfunction that does not depend on the brand, as noted.

Use of the Site and its Contents

The surfer may use the site, its contents and the services operating within it according to the rules specified in these regulations. The site, its contents and services may not be used in any other manner, unless the web-surfer receives expressed prior written consent from the website operators subject to the terms of said consent (if any).

Website contents, whether created by the website administrators and/or anyone acting on their behalf or by any of the website users, including but without derogating from the generality of the above, and expression in writing, sign, audio, image or video (hereinafter: “site contents”) is intended solely for private and personal use by users and the brand. No commercial use or any other use not for private purposes, for profit or not for profit, may be made on the site and/or any of the site contents and/or parts thereof.

Do not distribute, copy, transfer, duplicate, alter, re-display, reconstruct, broadcast, advertise, sell, provide license for use and/or make any similar or other use of the site and/or site contents or part thereof.

Surfing and/or use of the site is the user’s responsibility alone. Site administrators and/or anyone operating on their behalf do not bear any liability relating to surfing and/or use of the site. All reliance on any of the website contents is the user’s sole responsibility.

The user agrees that the website administrators may, at their sole discretion, block his access to the website and/or other applications related to it, all or part, and/or restrict use of the site, without any claim on his part.

The user undertakes not to disturb and/or damage the website and/or its operation and/or services provided on it in any way including the following, without derogating from the generality of the above:

*          Intervene or modify the site’s original code and/or its original files and/or those of the site contents.

*          Make any technological modifications to the site and/or site contents and/or any data/application and/or other service found on the site, including site security means.

*          Use the site for unlawful purposes, including but without derogating from the generality of the above, violating intellectual property rights, information and privacy protection.

Without derogating from any other right afforded to them by any legal provisions or these terms of use, the site administrators and/or their agents reserve the right to file claim against anyone who violates legal provisions or the site’s terms of use.  

The user hereby consents and confirms that he fully and irrevocably waives any claim and/or demand and/or complaint and/or any other right towards the site administrators and/or their agents for any damage and/or injury and/or expense which he and/or any third party incurs due to use and/or surfing on the site and/or exposure to its contents. The user hereby undertakes to compensate and/or indemnify the website administrators and/or their agents for any damage and/or loss and/or expense and/or any other damage caused to any of them due to any claim and/or demand and/or complaint by any third party due to violation of the terms of use (including privacy policy and other surfing terms on the site) by him.

Intellectual Property Rights

The user hereby consents and confirms that copyrights and intellectual property rights to the website contents and various site content products uploaded by the site administrators and/or their agents, is the sole possession of the brand and/or site administrators and/or third parties that granted the site administrators and/or their agents the right to use these contents, including but without derogating from the generality of the above, the brand is the sole owner and/or owner of rights of use of the site’s patents, names and trademarks, registered or unregistered. The site administrators are the sole owners of commercial secrets inherent in operating the site and providing its services including any information included in services provided on the site, site design, technological data involved in its operation, including but without derogating from, texts, files, various applications, graphs, images, audio clips, music, video clips, images, scripts, software and/or any other material included on the stie.

All intellectual property rights and copyrights relating to the site, including trademarks, patents, copyrights, samples, methods and commercial secrets are the sole property of Joséphine rêve.

The above rights apply, among other things, to the Joséphine rêve website graphic design, images and information appearing on the site, its databases (including lists of products, product descriptions etc.), site computer code and any other detail relating to its operation.

No commercial use may be made of data published on the Joséphine rêve website, the site’s databases, contents, lists and images of products that appear on it or other details published by Joséphine rêve and/or on its behalf without receiving the brand’s prior written consent.

Collecting information from the site using software and/or distributing such data in public in a commercial manner or framework is forbidden. Do not copy, duplicate, distribute, sell, market or translate any information from the site (including trademarks, images, texts, and computer codes) without receiving expressed prior written consent from Joséphine rêve.

It is forbidden for the site’s users to alter, copy, publish, distribute, broadcast, display, execute, multiply, issue a license to produce or sell any part of the information included on the site without receiving expressed prior written consent from Joséphine rêve.



Site administrators may make changes and/or modify from time to time the Terms of Use regulations (including Privacy Policy and all other surfing terms appearing on the site) without prior notice regarding said changes and/or updates. The above changes will go into effect immediately upon being uploaded onto the site. In case of a substantial and thorough modification of terms concerning the use of personal information provided by the users, relevant notice will be published on the site.

Since use of the website takes place in an online environment, the user hereby declares that he has been informed that the brand cannot ensure complete immunity from infiltration of the computers and/or exposure of stored data and therefore shall have no claim and/or demand and/or complaint towards the site on this matter for any damage, direct or indirect, he incurs due to exposure of said information.

Site users may contact the site at any time using the “contact” page and/or e-mail address info@JosephineReve.com asking to remove, edit, provide access or move elsewhere their details stored in the database as well as any other action to which they are entitled (subject to legal provisions).

Additionally, website users may turn to the “contact” page and/or e-mail address info@JosephineReve.com to report errors, faulty content and similar things, however, this does not mean that the site administrators are obliged to act according to the request and may act at their sole discretion.

Should a user know of any possible damage to site users and/or any third party and/or any action related to use of the website that constitutes and/or is expected to constitute a violation of legal provisions – he must notify site administrators immediately.


Law and Jurisdiction

Interpretation of the Terms of Use regulations (including Privacy Policy and other online surfing terms and conditions) as with all enforcement, or any action and/or dispute deriving from them, will be performed solely in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, and the authorized jurisdiction in the Central District will have sole authority to hear any relevant dispute.