Joséphine rêve online and/or anyone acting on its behalf undertakes the accepted precautions to protect data confidentiality as much as possible. The user’s personal details (name, e-mail etc.) will be stored confidentially in the Joséphine rêve database.

The Joséphine rêve website is a secured site; in other words, all data uploaded onto the system by customers when logging in and/or surfing and/or making a purchase will remain confidential and secure. In order to protect information confidentiality, Joséphine rêve uses the Secure Socket Layer  (SSL) electronic business protocol used for encryption of data from the moment it is uploaded onto the system until it is transferred to the Joséphine rêve website system.

Tranzila Co. is responsible for the secure online clearance process. The company meets the strictest standards and data security procedures as demanded by credit companies, using the EV SSL encryption key and upholds the PCI DSS Level-1 security standards. Payment may be made by Visa CAL, Visa Leumi, Mastercard, Isracard, Diners and American Express credit cards – or by using the PayPal service. To maintain assurance of customers’ personal data security, without sacrificing the dimension of a convenient and quick purchase, Joséphine rêve makes use of a secure encryption process of the credit card details and cannot use the card’s details. The customer may remove this secure information from his/her account at any time. Since operations are carried out in an online environment, Joséphine rêve cannot assure complete immunity from computer penetration or exposure of data stored by those carrying out unlawful actions and, therefore, should a third party manage to infiltrate data stored by Joséphine rêve and/or make ill use of it, the user shall have no claim, demand or complaint against Joséphine rêve.

Furthermore, in cases deriving from force majeure, Joséphine rêve will not be liable for any type of damage, direct or indirect, incurred by the user or someone acting on his behalf, if any information provided by him is lost or reaches a hostile party and/or is used without permission. Joséphine rêve pledges not to make use of the users’ details held in the site except for site operation needs only and to enable execution of online purchases as well as to maintain contact with the customer. Despite the above, Joséphine rêve is entitled to provide a user’s personal data to a third party in cases in which the user did a misdeed or offence that damaged and/or is liable to damage Joséphine rêve and/or any third parties, the user made use of Joséphine rêve services for an unlawful act, if Joséphine rêve receives a judicial order instructing it to hand over the user’s details to a third party and in any dispute or legal proceeding.

Furthermore, Joséphine rêve may use the user’s personal details, without identifying the specific user, for statistical data analysis purposes and for its display and/or submission to other parties.