Accessibility Declaration

We believe in the great importance of making our website content accessible to all sectors of the population; therefore, we invest significant resources to make it as user-friendly and convenient as possible.

We are mindful at all times of our desire to provide our web-surfing audience with the experience of convenient, easy and quick access to Joséphine rêve items on the various online interfaces. Our site complies with the document of guidelines published by the international organization dealing with online regulations – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, as well as with the accessibility instructions laid out in Israeli standard 5568 – Guidelines for Internet Content Accessibility – level AA.

The following accessibility means are found in the work procedures:

  1. Keyboard operation: movement will be enabled with the TAB key.

  Opening a menu on the Chrome browser will be made with the ENTER key.

  Opening a menu on the Explorer browser will be made with the SPACE key.

  1. Font size accessibility: convenient enlargement and reduction of the website font
  2. Accessibility for the color blind: screen colors are adaptable to monochromatic or contrasting colors. Note: this accessibility is not fully supported on the Explorer browser.
  3. A website map can be used by all special accessibility software.

For those who do not require accessibility: the accessibility icon can be removed from the site by clicking on the icon that opens the “accessibility menu”. After that, click on “cancel accessibility window”.