Clothes for girls who dream big

Princesses and unicorns are great, but we can be anything, even those who will touch the moon in the future. To dream dreams and fulfill wishes

Because the sky is not the limit, but only the beginning

This is the most important message we can give to girls from an early age. We constantly emphasize to our dear children the ability to strive and achieve, here you will find the opportunity to give them a real opportunity to feel that anything is possible

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Expanding the horizon of possibilities at our disposal. Beyond princesses and unicorns, give your little girls an opportunity to turn dreams into reality and push the boundaries: to be an astronaut in space, an atomic scientist, and even a prime minister one day.

This collection conveys the spirit of female empowerment that facilitates the shaping and building of a girl’s personality from an early age. It is characterized by soft watercolors and velvety fabrics that declare that success can co-exist with nobleness and femininity.

This collection is a collage of historical, inspirational women – a combination of powerful, influential woman alongside classical, noble women. This collection is meant to bestow a place of honor, raise awareness and venerate great women who made history and built the present in which we are living.

Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo and Rosa Parks are just three in an entire universe of exemplary and inspiring women who succeeded in fulfilling themselves.  If they could do it, so can we.

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